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Interior Condition – Part 5 – Shower/Tub and Bathroom Sink

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17.67 – Shower/Tub Operates Yes No NI NP
17.68 – Shower/Tub Stains Yes No NI NP
17.69 – Shower/Tub Water Damage or Leaks Yes No NI NP
17.70 – Shower/Tub Glass Doors Yes No NI NP
17.71 – Shower/Tub Soap Dish in Place Yes No NI NP
17.72 – Shower/Tub Door Latch Functions Yes No NI NP
17.73 – Shower/Tub Towel Racks in Place Yes No NI NP
17.74 – Shower/Tub Curtain w/Rod Yes No NI NP
17.75 – Shower/Tub Condition A F P NI NP
17.76 – Shower/Tub Style Shower Stall Shower/Tub Combo Tub
17.77 – Shower/Tub Door/Frame/Seal Condition A F P NI NP


17.78 – Bathroom Sink Faucet Working Yes No NI NP
17.79 – Bathroom Sink Faucet Leaks at Stem Yes No NI NP
17.80 – Bathroom Sink Water Damage under Sink Yes No NI NP
17.81 – Bathroom Sink P-Trap holds water Yes No NI NP
17.82 – Bathroom Sink Sink(s) hold water Yes No NI NP
17.83 – Bathroom Sink Hot/Cold Water Available Yes No NI NP
17.84 – Bathroom Sink Condition A F P NI NP
17.85 – Bathroom Sink Style Single Bowl Double Bowl Triple Bowl NI
17.86 – Bathroom Sink Type Aluminum Plastic Porcelain Stainless Steel Other

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