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10 – 12V DC Chassis Lights
10.1 – Front Clearance Lights
10.2 – Rear Clearance Lights
10.3 – Streetside Marker Lights
10.4 – Curbside Marker Lights
10.5 – Left Turn/Brake Light
10.6 – Right Turn/Brake Light
10.7 – Backup Lights
10.8 – Flood Lights
10.9 – Utility Lights
10.10 – Hitch Lights
10.11 – Compartment Lights
10.12 – Porch Lights
10.13 – Security Lights
10.14 – Waste Dump Lights

TT/5Th Wheel Section
10.15 – 7 Pin Cord
10.16 – Break Away Switch

Notice we look at 16 things when it comes to lights and chassis, very simple but important things.  Be sure to ask about the type of lights when we inspect an older RV, thermography can be real important.

When inspecting a travel trailer or 5th Wheel, I bring my own power supply to plug into the various 4/5/6/7 pin connectors to test everything, ask me about it.

Next week will will begin a multi-week set of blog posts on electrical checks during inspections.

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